TOUDOU - Surprise activities in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam

Out of inspiration for a date, an activity with your group of friends or for your team? No worries, we know what TOUDOU!Want to know more? Check the video and fill out our questionnaire here (private) or here (business) without obligation.

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Our activities

Book a unique activity for a price that suits you! Check out our different options below.

Uitje van een cent

End of the month, spent a little bit too much shopping or just curious about what one of our cities has to offer for only €15,99 per person? Then you are at the right spot!

Erop uitje

Feeling like going on an adventure, not giving in too much on quality and exploring one of our cities in a unique and carefree way? Then is your package - for only € 27,99 per person.

Uitje plaat

Do you really want to have a special day and be taken care of in a fantastic way? For only 59,99 euros per person, we realise a unforgettable day for you!

(We recommend this package for business activities as well!)

Uitje XXL

gete everything out of it and add a luxourious dinner or overnight stay (or another big surprise!) - now for € 99,99 per person.

We recommend this package for special occasions or business activities)

Why surprises are good for you!

Surprises are great for our brains! Here we have five reasons why. What are you waiting for?! Book your giftcard through our shop or fill out the questionnaire for your activity!

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Helaas bestaat deze website nog niet, dus hebben we het jullie maar even makkelijk gemaakt. Gelijk een goede aankoopmogelijkheid voor de ondernemers onder jullie. Nog geen idee waar jij morgen de wedstrijd tussen Napoli en Ajax moet gaan bekijken? Check hieronder onze tips!…

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Paradox of Choice: ga voor een verrassing!

Keuzes, keuzes, keuzes – en het worden er steeds meer. Super leuk natuurlijk, alle mogelijkheden die we hebben. Zeker als we kijken naar alle restaurants en activiteiten in Amsterdam: het hele jaar door zou je iedere dag iets anders kunnen eten of ondernemen.…

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TOUYOU - Giftcards or packages

Choose a TOUYOU Giftcard or package and surpirse someone by giving a surprising package!
We have several options. First of all, pick the activity packages you want to give, and add one of the giftcards or surprise packages to your order!

Digital Giftcard

Do you want to send your Giftcard as soon as possible and as we're supposed to in the Digital Age? We made this possible for you! We make sure you or the lucky one receives an animated video with your present and code (with which the activity can be received) for only € 0,99.

Physical giftcard

You can give one of our activities by means of a physical giftcard for € 4,99, printed on sustainable paper made with flower seeds! This means that the lucky one can plant his or her present after exchanging it. And above that, good for our planet!

Date package

Together with the guys from Cupid Chefs we created a fantastic package! For € 62,99 you receive a cookbook for you and your date or loved one, together with a physical TOUYOU giftcard worth 2 x Uitje van een Cent (normally € 71,99). What do you want more?!

Surprise package

Do you want to give that little bit extra in addition to the giftcard? Together with PieperPost, we created a unique surprise package for only € 19,99. This way, you can definitely give a special present!

First looking for some examples of activities? Check the InstagramvideoBy means of the answers you give to the questions, we take care of an activity that suits you. Are you ready for the questionnaire?? Click here!


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Collaborations with activities and restaurants

Looking for a business activity?

Team activity or business activity? That is also TOUDOU! TOUDOU has organised activities the last year for groups of 8 to 200 people. We take care of a unique activity which will be remembered by everyone! Check the link below.